Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Public Advocate Tish James coming to our Pot Luck Party!

Annual Pot-Luck Party
Used by permission
Sat. May 19, 2018

6-8:30 PM

In the Community Room

Bring a dish for  8-10 people, help out
Just come share in the fun & food for a small fee: 
$10 per person
(Non-tenant guests are $10 each.)

We'll have a little kids' corner too!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Save the date: May 19, ,2018 is our next Pot Luck Party!

We're having our 
Annual Pot-Luck Party

Sat., May 19th, 2018 – 6:00-8:30 PM
in the Community Room.
All tenants welcome 
(little kids table too!)

If you bring a dish or beverage for 8-10 people or volunteer to work, your household comes for free.  Otherwise, it's $15/household or $10/person.

We schmooze, we eat, we sing, we dance, we eat some more . . . . you get the picture.
What will YOU bring or do?  Tell your Floor Captain!
We'll have fun!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Summary of the General Tenants Meeting on March 20, 2018

I. Sharing our enthusiasm - activities in the building.

We have a community within our own building with many different interests and talents.  At the General Tenants Meeting on March 20th,  some tenants offered to share their skills and interests for free with other tenants. Check the sign-up sheets coming soon in the mailroom on the ground floor. 
    © Susan Susman 2009

  • Barbara Geller has volunteered at the Conservatory Garden for 10 years.  She has offered to lead a tour of the garden - starting from our building - in the Spring.  The date will depend on the peak of the Spring season, but it will be a weekday, starting at around 5 pm.  
©Susan Susman 2009
  • Frank Leonardo will be showing films one Thursday evening a month in the Community Room at 8 PM. Check the date-preference sheet in the mailroom.  The first film will be Sita Sings the Blues  (an animated film mixing part of the Indian Ramayana tale with a modern woman's story). The second will be Beasts of the Southern Wild, a modern day allegory set in a Louisiana bayou. The 9-year-old star was nominated for an Academy Award. The third film will (probably) be Whale Rider, about a 12-year-old girl whose ambition is to become chief of her Maori tribe.
©SusanSusman 2013
  • Jodi Brockington is a volunteer instructor for ShapeUp NYC, and she leads free exercise sessions on Mondays at 6 PM in our Community Room.  Tenants and their friends and neighbors are welcome.   If you've got any weights to lend or donate, that would be appreciated!
  • Manny Vega is a painter, illustrator, printmaker, muralist, mosaicist, and set and costume designer. His work portrays the history and traditions of the African Diaspora that exist in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.  He has taught art workshops and will teach kids or adults - for the cost of materials.   He would be happy to work on a large mural (on paper) for a group of people to work on. 
  • Mark Price's hobby is painting and racing radio-controlled cars (1/10th the size of the actual vehicle) that run on a petroleum-based fuel called nitro.  The people involved practice in vacant parking lots in New Jersey and travel all over the US for meets.  He will schedule a demonstration for young and old in Central Park for a Saturday in the Spring. 
  • Our POT LUCK PARTY will be on May 19th!  Volunteer on a sheet to be posted in April in the mailroom.
Do you have an interest or skill to share (for free) with your neighbors? What about jam sessions?  Cooking together? A book club? a softball team?  Please contact our volunteer coordinator Barbara Garson,  b a garson  [at   ]  yahoo (d ot) com.   She and Joan Browne will figure out what can be done and whether facilities are available. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Share your enthusiasm at our next General Tenants Meeting - March 20

SHARE YOUR ENTHUSIASM!, used with permission
ACTIVITIEin the building

Hear all about
  • ShapeUp NYC (Mondays, 6 PM)
  • Tours of the Conservatory Garden 
  •   in the Spring
  • Film Night, Art Workshops
  • Our annual Pot Luck Party, and more!
and of course we'll talk about building issues.

at our 
in the Community Room, 8 PM
TUESDAY, March 20, 2018



Sunday, February 11, 2018

Great Pre-Valentine's Day table! Next: ShapeUp NYC

Bravo to Rosa Delgado and Debbie Gonzalez, Joan Browne, and other tenants who organized or helped out at Saturday's Valentine Table.  The music cheered up the lobby and one and all had a sweet time.

If you want to feel fit for Valentine's Day and beyond, join the free ShapeUp NYC class on Monday, Feb. 12th at 6 PM.  Neighbors of all ages are welcome.  Feel free to bring your yoga mat or weights.   Thanks to Jodi Brockington for leading the class.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Summary of the January 17, 2018 Tenants Meeting

COMING UP: Valentine's Day table on Feb. 10th
and ShapeUp NYC (Free!) on Feb. 12th

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer said that President has changed the dynamic of the City and State. The new tax law (see below) is part of that change.  He discussed several campaigns he’s working on, with a little historical background.

Permanently affordable housing.
In the 1930’s and 40's, NY’s Mayor LaGuardia developed NYCHA housing with large federal investment. In the 1950's and 1960's, the City and State developed Mitchell-Lama housing (like this building used to be). But under Mayor Bloomberg, the developed housing wasn’t affordable, and Mayor de Blasio is working, the Comptroller says, too closely with mid-town developers. The Comptroller would like to see the City invest in permanently affordablehousing on the vacant space we have, to be run by community-based organizationsand funded by housing and land trusts.  Private developers who have to pay their investors cannot develop as cheaply as groups that do not.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer this Wed. in our Community Room

Come hear him Jan. 17 at 8 PM

He'll talk about the pros and cons of rent payments as part of our credit record, and about other issues he's raised recently, including NYC's divestment from fossil fuels, recent heat disasters at NYCHA, and more.  

ALL tenants welcome!