Monday, July 10, 2017

Stellar to put cameras in hallways and stairwells

zStellar Management is installing cameras in our building’s hallways and stairwells.

Since these are PUBLIC areas of the building, Stellar is legally permitted to do this.  

If you believe that a specific camera can catch what is happening INSIDE your apartment, let our Executive Committee know immediately so we can get it moved.

Landlords typically install cameras to catch tenants who
  • rent out their apartments illegally, for example on AirBnB (not just having roommates, which is legal) or
  • are not home much and really live elsewhere, or
  • smoke or otherwise act inappropriately in the hallways and stairwells.

If Stellar contacts you claiming you really live elsewhere, please let us know.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summertime, and the livin' . . . .

Enjoy some of our neighborhood's wonderful resources over the summer. Check here for the calendars of Central ParkRiverside Park,  the Bloomingdale Public Library, the West Side Community Garden on 89th St.,  the West Side Rag, Columbus-Amsterdam Business Improvement District (BID), the NY Classical Theater (free movable theater near us in Central Park), Lincoln Center's Midnight Swing,  Bloomingdale Aging In Place (you have to be a member of this all-volunteer group to participate), and Goddard Riverside Community Center, and enjoy the outdoor Lasker Pool at the north end of Central Park. Those under 18 can get free breakfast and lunch at Lasker and at several other locations in our neighborhood. 

The tenant association doesn't meet over the summer, but its executive committee does.  So if you've got an issue, let us know!

Farewell to Jose Rosado - our long-time handyman

Photo by Sue Susman
At a June 27, 2017 party organized by Maxine, Lydia, Cyn, and Bea,  tenants said farewell to Jose Rosado, the handyman who helped tenants over more than three decades.  Jose succeeded to his father's position - so one might say he practically grew up in this building.    Modesto Santiago (known to some as "Ito") has replaced Jose as handyman.

Click here for some photos. taken by tenants.