Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sept. 16: Honor and Meet Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President !

      7:45 PM  in the backyard (or Community Room in case of rain)and meet our guest and honoree

Manhattan Borough President
who has fought for decades for better tenant protection.

8 PM in the Community Room.

We'll also discuss the rent laws, new protection against "buyout" harassment, and some building issues.  Come! - and bring your checkbook if you haven't yet contributed $10 in dues and what you can afford of $100 in annual legal contributions.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Artist at home: Manny Vega

NY Times, a Puerto Rican Luminary focuses on our neighbor artist Manny Vega and the subject of his work: Dr. Antonia Pantoja

A Puerto Rican Luminary Emerges, Piece by Glistening Piece
JULY 5, 2015
Manny Vega works on a mosaic of Antonia Pantoja, the activist
and educator.  Credit David Gonzalez/The New York Times

Like a deconstructed rainbow, glistening bits of tiles were
spread out on a table before Manny Vega. He hunched over
them, his rough hands holding each jagged bit as he gently
glued them in place.  Up close, they looked like a pixilated
jumble.  But step back, and the big picture emerged.

Mr. Vega, a Byzantine craftsman of sorts, practices the art
of mosaic-making. In his studio - the living room of his
small apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan -
he is finishing his latest piece, a large mosaic portrait of
Dr. Antonia Pantoja.  She is an apt subject for the ancient
art that takes tiny pieces and brings them together to make
omething grand.  A half-century ago, Dr. Pantoja embarked
on a life of activism and service, creating institutions to
help New York City's growing Puerto Rican community,
focusing especially on education. 


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Moving Sale on Tuesday, 8/18 and Wed. 8/19 - Apt. 14V

Come to a MOVING SALE on Tuesday, Aug. 18th, 2015  or Wednesday, Aug. 19th, 2015
in Apartment 14V.  We're losing our wonderful neighbor Jaya, but he's clearing out the apartment for the best offer.

  • Heaters (Lasko portable and more solid efficient one)
  • VigorFit Home gym
  • Cedar chest
  • tables, chairs, cabinets, free-standing bookshelves, and more.  Click here for some photos!