Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rent Guidelines Board orders for 2012

If your lease renewal goes into effect any time from October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013,  how much your BASE RENT will increase depends on what your current rent is.

If your current rent is $1000 or more, you will pay

  • 2% increase for a 1-year lease renewal
  • 4% increase for a 2-year lease renewal.                              
But if your current rent is less than $1000, you will pay   

  • $20 increase for a 1-year lease renewal
  • $40 increase for a 2-year lease renewal.
The Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) has imposed this "poor tax" so that tenants whose rents are below $1000 - usually older tenants who've been in their homes longer (or whose building had Bob Woolis help keep the rents low under Mitchell-Lama as we did!) will pay higher increases.  

NY 1 reports:  
According to studies conducted by the Rent Guidelines Board, the majority of rent-stabilized tenants cannot afford their apartments.

Market rate tenants, it's time to try to get your apartment back into rent stabilization!  Click here for more information, and if you qualify, contact a member of the Executive Committee of the CPG Tenant Association for help. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Speak Out Against Higher Rents at the Rent Guidelines Board

Let Your Voice Be Heard at the  Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) Public Hearings

For years, the Rent Guidelines Board - entirely appointed by Mayor Bloomberg with no oversight -  has voted for rents unaffordable to many people in this building. Meanwhile, our landlord is converting affordable apartments to unaffordable market-rate units. Can you afford to get another rent increase?

Speak up at this year's public Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) hearings:

Wed., June 13, 2012 CUNY-Hostos
Repertory Theater
450 Grand Concourse
4-10 PM
Mon.,June 18 Cooper Union's Great Hall
7 E., 7th St. at 3rd Ave.
10 AM to 6 PM
RGB Final Vote Cooper Union's Great Hall
7 E., 7th St. at 3rd Ave.
starting at 5:30 PM
Travel direction to the Bronx hearing: Train 2,4 or 5 to 149th St. & Grand Concourse
Travel directions to the Manhattan hearings: Train 6  to Astor Pl. or R to E.8th St., walk 1 block east.
                                                                 Bus 101, 102, or 103 from Lexington Ave. to E.8th St.

SIGN UP TO SPEAK: Call the RGB at 212-395-2934.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a Great 2012 Pot Luck!

The 2012 Pot Luck was overflowing this year with folks inside and out (most of the kids were running around outside).  To the background of golden oldies and more recent music, we ate  and ate and ate and ate -  and talked and then ate some more.  

Some of the people who made this evening possible are Debbie Gonzalez, Maxine Soares and Lydia Pitsirilos - the Pot Luck Planners; and Alitha Mobley and Marlin Rodriguez who provided the evening's wonderful music and its technical components.
Pot Luck Planners Debbie, Lydia and Maxine 
Here are some of the other people who deserve thanks:   
Na'ava and Sue
Na'ava Ades for emcee-ing

Nicole and Laurie
Laurie  and Nicole Barton for salad
Sarah Belardi & Mike LaGrotta for cupcakes
Renee Belzile for panettone
Mildred, Elise and Renee E.
Chariss Boisseau and Natonio Ray for macaroni and cheese
Jurency DeAndrade for cookies cake
Renee Eddy for turkey wings
Gabrielle Everett for photos
Paulie Fischer for sheet cake (see photo above!)
Sheila Friedling for salad
Yvonne Granberry for greeting tenants as they came in, for keep the trays stocked, and for cleaning up.  
Debbie Gonzalez for spicy vegetables
Zena Gonzalez for spring salad
Tish Howard for Mediterranean chicken
Photo by Monica Jenkins
Florence Jackson and Jerry Pirog for tortilla espaƱola
Monica Jenkins for ceviche with shrimp
Shirley Johnson for lasagna
Barbara Jones for staffing the greeting table
Patricia Jordan for candied yams
Mike Lagrotta and Sarah Belardi for cupcakes
Ena Malone for Swiss chocolate cupcakes
Eva Marie Malone for salad
Brenda Marshall for cake
Mary Martin for cake
Maritza Martinez for moro de habichuela negra
Millie Matos for pasta
Alitha Mobley for music
Kathy Murray for turkey chile
Adelaida Navarro for dessert

Val, Marie, Richard, Gabrielle
Pat Neely for cleanup
Prudence Opperman for black bean casserole
Letty Orellano for baked chicken
Elisa Ovalle for rice pudding 
Namita Prasad for samosas and pakoras and cauliflower and peas 
Valarie Prescott for pasta
Wyona Purcell for cleanup
Sekhar Ramakrishnan for Madras-style broccoli, spinnach, and okra, and barbecued chicken
Marichu Ras for flan
Gloria and Sen. Perkins
Gloria Rios for dessert  
Luz Rivera for pastelitos
John "Bones" Rodriguez for staffing the greeting table 
Marianita and Marlin
Marlin Rodriguez for music and sound system
Marianita Rodriguez for Spanish peas and rice 
Vicki Santiago for flan
Vernon Smith for cleanup
Maxine Soares for Jamaican jerked chicken
Marie Squerciati and Oliva Tabares for empanadas
Charles "Mack" Stewart for the photographs here (unless otherwise noted)
Janie Stewart for stringbeans and pork, & for staffing the greeting table
Traci Swain for providing music speakers
Mack, Sen. Perkins, Darrell
Delia Timmons for salad       
Linda Tyler for staffing the greeting table

Denise Tyus for Spanish peas and rice

Sen. Perkins, Helene, Sekhar, Sue and Shantha
Gabrielle & Sen. Perkins

State Senator Bill Perkins came to give Sue Susman a "Distinguished Woman"  proclamation  from the NYS Senate (click here for the YouTube video), and it was wonderful to know that all the people who make up our tenant association were really being honored by that award.  Sen. Perkins referred to Sue as "communications central" on affordable housing and neighborhood issues. Tenants who want to get added to those e-mail lists as well should contact Sue directly. 

Lavina and Brock

Thanks to one and all who made this a wonderful wonderful event.  And if your name is missing, please let Sue know what you contributed!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tenant Town Hall this THURSDAY!

Are you tired of soaring rents?

Do you believe tenants need stronger protections NOW?

Come to a
Town Hall Meeting
on Tenants’ Rights and
Housing Affordability!

Thursday June 7th @ 6:30pm
Hartley House in Manhattan

Click here for a flyer in English
Click here for a flyer in Spanish . Spanish translation will be provided at the Town Hall. 

Co-sponsored by the Central Park Gardens Tenants' Association with many other groups!

See you there!