Thursday, August 13, 2009

In the neighborhood . . . Gluck & Chetrit fire unions

and plan on a 22-story (or more!) nursing home in what is now the parking lot behind Park West Village on 100th Street. See last article below.

West Side Spirit, August 6, 2009

Columbus Sq. Labor Fracas

Cost-saving switch to ‘open shop’ draws fire from unions, Board 7

By Matt Joseloff

August 5, 2009

Rats and pigs are the newest tenants of the Columbus Square rental complex, along Columbus Avenue in the upper West 90s. The giant inflatable rodent, which at press time had been replaced with a cigar-smoking pig, are both the handiwork of local labor unions protesting the switch to non-union workers at the construction site. Co-developers the Chetrit Group and Stellar Management made the change at the beginning of July.
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With additional reporting by Charlotte Eichna.



LOCAL No. 46

New York and Vicinity
NEW YORK, N.Y. 10021
Telephone: REgent 7 - 0500-0501-0502


We want to advise the public that certain facets of the work being performed at this site are not being performed by skilled building tradesmen. This work is being performed by persons who are receiving far less than the prevailing area wage rate and who also are not receiving the fringe benefits generally received by individuals performing this kind of work in the Greater New York City area.

This is a matter of great concern to our union. Employees on this job are performing work and are not receiving the wages and fringe benefits paid to skilled craftsmen in the Greater New York City area for the performance of such work. The contractors on this job are attempting to reduce our area standards by underpaying employees for construction work.

We urge you to withhold your support and patronage of this establishment. We urge the general public to support us in our effort to maintain our wages and fringe benefits. We urge you to communicate with the owners of this establishment and express to them your opposition to their attempt to reduce our area standards.

We thank you for your support.

West Side Spirit

Jewish Home Land Swap

Nursing home move to W. 100th St., with Chetrit getting W. 106th parcel

By Dan Rivoli

August 13, 2009

Representatives from Jewish Home Lifecare, an organization that provides health care for seniors, met with community groups on Aug. 12 to unveil a proposal to redevelop its West 106th Street nursing home in Park West Village, on West 100th Street.

Update on latest meeting with Stellar Management

Members of the tenants' association's executive committee met with Stellar representative on August 12th about building issues. Here are a few of the items:


On August 11, 2009, at our request, Stellar put a new SECOND bin for recyclables in each compactor room. Unfortunately, people on

2 East, 3 East, 5 East and 5 West, 8 West, and 9 West

took the second bin between their installation and the next morning. Those tenants may not have known that the bin was there for all tenants and thought it was being thrown out. If you happen to have taken one, please put it back so we'll all have more capacity for recyclables.
Clean cans go in the smaller bin. Clean plastics, glass and aluminum go in the other can, and paper goes on the top shelf. Please do not leave anything with food on it in the compactor room, since that attracts roaches. (Crush pizza boxes and put them inside bags and put the bag down the chute.)

If the bathroom vent is spewing dirt in rather than sucking it out, please notify Carlos. There are dirt-trappers around each suction fan on the roof, and Stellar promises they will be cleaned.

(which hasn't been showing Channels 2, 4, 5, and 9) should be fixed within 2 weeks. Cable customers are unaffected.

SIDE DOOR SECURITY. Those who have difficulty walking will be getting new keys that cannot be copied for the side doors. That means the locks will be changed.

BACKYARD CLEANUP - The backyard is supposed to be cleaned up - and the bins on the east side will be put in the sheds. (The west side shed has machinery in it that Stellar says it will try to move.)

STAIRWELL DOORS TO BE CHECKED FOR FIRE SAFETY - Stellar will check to ensure that all stairwell doors open and close at the required legal pressure.

A few other items were discussed and we'll be presenting the whole thing at the General Tenants Meeting on September 16th.

See you then.

Gluck says take the money even if not necessary

NY Post



Last updated: 11:39 am
August 13, 2009

First it was the banks and automakers that got a helping hand from Uncle Sam -- and soon some New York City apartment complexes could get one, too.

A bill winding its way through Congress proposes to prop up deteriorating apartment complexes by injecting $2 billion from the Troubled Asset Relief Program into an effort to stabilize multifamily properties in default or foreclosure.