Frequently Asked Questions

CLICK HERE for a complete Central Park Gardens tenant handbook. (To read the handbook and the new tenants flyer, you need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. Download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe Acrobat.)

All tenants are entitled to basic rights including joining a tenant association.

New tenants: click here to find out whether and how your apartment might be able to go back into rent stabilization.

Contribute to our CPG treasury: Contact your floor captain or tenant association treasurer, Joan Browne.

Lease Renewal Information is available from DHCR in Fact Sheet #4. 

Financial and other Building Statistics can be found by clicking here.

Recycling: Click here for what must be recycled.  You can also store compost in your freezer until Friday morning and bring it to the Farmer's Market on 97th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.

Succession: Click here to find out who in your household may get your apartment if you should leave it.