Friday, September 26, 2008

3 NEWS UPDATES - updated 10/5/08


Last Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008
, the Mitchell-Lama P.I.E.* Campaign (of which we are a member) - and several tenants from our building - participated in the Real Rent Reform Rally, asking for a bill to protect former Mitchell-Lama tenants from "unique or peculiar" increases, asking for a more tenant-friendly Rent Guidelines Board, and asking for an end to vacancy decontrol (making an apartment "free market rent" when it leaves rent stabilization and the landlord invests money).

The drawing will be on November 1st, and we really need to sell a lot. The prizes are great - so please offer them to friends, colleagues, co-workers, and neighbors in other buildings. Prizes:

1st Prize: Dinner for two at the Plataforma Restaurant - a Brazilian Rodizio steakhouse (all-you-can-eat unique dining experience: grilled meats, a vegetable buffet, and live music!)

2nd Prize: 4 tickets to the Big Apple Circus on November 16th at 4:30 PM.

3rd Prize: 16 AMC/Loews/Cineplex Movie Tickets (They make a great gift, too!)

Each tenant gets 2 books with 5 raffle tickets in each. The raffles cost $2 ($10 or a book). If we sell all of them, we will raise nearly $5,000! Bring money and raffle stubs to your floor captains.

The drawing is November 1st at the BAKE SALE !

NEW BUILDING MANAGER: Tobias Sahl has replaced Linda Daniel. Mr. Sahl assisted Michael Kim earlier, so he is familiar with the building. His e-mail is, and his assistant is Samir Hoti, The 93rd Street office phone number remains the same: 212-222-4430.

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