Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bake Sale & Raffle Drawing on Saturday, Nov. 1st!

Saturday, Nov. 1st, from 11 AM to 4 PM in the lobby.

We're getting Ena Malone's lemon meringue pie, Ann Rotberg's carrot cake, Joan Browne's brownies, Renee Belzile's panettone, Barbara Geller's spiced apples, Namita Prasad's samosas, Nery Cruz's bread pudding, Prudence Opperman's coffee cake, Linda Greenman's fresh fruit, Eve Posen's home-baked cookies, Donna Brown's sweet potato pie, Jill Hodge's brownies, Rosa Delgado's donuts, Laurie Barton's fresh fruit, Brenda Marshall's cake, Mercedes MacDonald's famous flan, Alberta Gilliam's cookies . . . and more!

(and if you want to bring along a few extra Halloween goodies, that's good too!)

Can you help out from 1-2?

10:30 AM - set up Marianita Rodriguez, Debbie Gonzalez
11 AM - Noon - Marianita Rodriguez, Eve Posen, Donna Brown
Noon - 1 PM - Marianita Rodriguez, Eve Posen, Prudence Opperman
1 PM - 2 PM - Mary McLaughlin, _________________________
2 PM - 3 PM - Rosa Delgado, Ren
-->ee Belzile 3 PM - 4 PM - Rosa Delgado, Lydia Pitsirilos, Maxine Soares, Monica Jenkins

At 4 PM, we'll have the raffle drawing!

Contact Sue to volunteer and about what you can bring for us to sell.

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