Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bake Sale & Raffle a big success!


  • Marianita Rodriguez, Debbie Gonzalez, Mona Leon, Prudence Opperman, Claude Saucier for setting up
  • Debbie Gonzalez for "overseeing" the bake sale and Prudence for overseeing the raffles
  • Pat Jordan for fetching coffee and milk (provided by Alex Loomis)
  • Eve Posen, Mary McLaughlin, Rosa Delgado, Renee Belzile, , Laurie Barton, LydiaPitsirilos, Maxine Soares, Wyona Purcell, Jackie Hewitt Duval, and others (please provide Sue with your names) who staffed the Bake Sale tables, and Barbara Garson & Frank Leonardo who provided lamps,
  • Prudence Opperman and the maintenance men who helped clean up at the end, and
  • ALL the tenants who brought wonderful goodies, from flan by Nery Cruz and Mercedes MacDonald, to Namita Prasad's samosas (which went in a flash), brownies from Joan Browne and Jill Hodge, Monica Jenkins' carrot cake, Letty Orellano's and Linda Umans' cupcakes, Ena Malone's 2 apple-raisin crumb & 2 pumpkin pies - all home-made - that disappeared like Halloween magic, Laurie Barton's ice, fruit, and soda, and Ann Rotberg's carrot cake, Celeste Hewitt's lemon cake, Renee Belzile's panattone, Ruby Barber's cake, Sheila Friedling's chocolate, rugelach, Linda Greenman's fruit, Eve Posen's home-baked cookies, Rosa Delgado's and Zena Gonzalez's donuts and cookies, Barbara Geller's spiced apples, Prudence Opperman's coffee cake, Delia and Robert Timmons' apple pie, Brenda Marshall's cake, Donna Brown's sweet potato pie, Alberta Gilliam's cookies, and lemon slices made by Na'ava Ades' visiting cousin Barbara Winkle.
If you donated food or helped out, let Sue know. Everyone who helped out deserves wonderful credit!


1st Prize, Dinner for 2 at Plataforma Restaurant : Steven Mobley
(Alitha's son), Apt. 5A

2nd Prize: FOUR tickets to the Nov. 16th Big Apple Circus: Joe Lowenthal,
Apt. 9P won, but donating the tickets back to the tenants' association. That second raffle was won by the Arenas Family,Apt. 6H, in a drawing on Nov. 6 at 4 PM in the lobby.

3rd Prize: 16 movie tickets for AMC theatres: Elsa Gonzalez (daughter
of Mercedes MacDonald, 9S) won.

Prudence Opperman, our intrepid raffle seller and money counter, is still counting up the many $20 and $10 bills people brought in today - and will soon announced the total. But it looks like our tenants' association did well - which means YOU did well.

HURRAH for everyone!

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