Friday, February 27, 2009

Urge our electeds to end "U or P" rent hikes permanently.

The bill soon to be proposed by State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins would put all rental buildings leaving Mitchell-Lama and leaving Section 8 projects into rent stabilization
  • without "unique or peculiar" increases (landlords are asking up to 5 times the current rents)
  • without regard to when the building was built (the current law only protects pre-1974's)
  • even if it was removed from Mitchell-Lama before the bill was passed.
That bill would keep affordable all of the buildings that have recently been removed from Mitchell-Lama on the Upper West Side - and would deter efforts to remove those whose tenants are fighting to stay in the program- such as Trinity House.

Our state legislators are supportive, but the bill will not get passed unless they persuade their colleagues to support it too.
We will be meeting with Senator Perkins (and possible Assembly Member O'Donnell) on March 6th and want to bring letters from tenants and a petition with us.

Please sign the petition and letters in the lobby this weekend. And if you can't make it, please:
Click here to print out and sign a letter to Assembly Member Daniel O'Donnell.

Click here to print out and sign a letter to State Senator Bill Perkins.
You can give the letter to Sue in Apt. 15T, or mail it directly.

You can also telephone or e-mail to urge their support for this bill:

Assembly Member O'Donnell

State Senator Perkins

This could end "unique or peculiar" increases for all rent stabilized tenants in 65 Mitchell-Lama buildings!

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