Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wed., Mar. 11 Rally to Repeal Vacancy Decontrol

Now that our building is primarily rent stabilized (except for the unfortunate market-rate tenants), what happens to rent stabilization law happens to us.

Several groups are working for Real Rent Reform - to change the rent stabilization law. One important change would repeal vacancy decontrol. (Under Vacancy Decontrol, a landlord may take an apartment out of rent stabilization permanently by increasing the rent based on "improvements" to the apartment - improvements he does not have to document in any way unless the new tenant challenges him legally.)

Our building was represented at the March 11, 2009 Press Conference and Rally to Repeal Vacancy Decontrol.

The NY Daily News reported:

City Council launches attack on state-enacted rent regulations

Thursday, March 12th 2009, 12:47 AM

Saying the time is ripe in Albany, City Council leaders launched an attack Wednesday on state-enacted rent regulations that have been a bane for tenants and a boon for landlords.

Led by Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a group of Council members joined more than 100 tenants and housing advocates on the steps of City Hall to announce the introduction of legislation calling on the state Legislature to repeal vacancy decontrol and to kill a state law that allows Albany to set rent regulations for the city.

Click on the link above for the full article.

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