Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rally against Sen. Espada FRIDAY, JUNE 12 in the Bronx

Protest Senator Pedro Espada’s Betrayal of Tenants
Friday, June 12, 11:30 am
400 East Fordham Road, at Webster Ave.
In front of Senator Espada’s empty “District Office”

By joining with the Senate Republicans, Espada ensures defeat of important legislation to protect affordable housing in New York!

Why in the Bronx: Because he represents that district (although living in Mamaroneck), and Bronx tenants are especially likely to face serious challenges finding safe, decent, and affordable housing. But we all need the Stewart-Cousins / Pretlow bill that the Republicans and landlords oppose. And we all need the repeal of vacancy decontrol, which will re-regulate many of the apartments that have been de-regulated through vacancy decontrol - like the market-rate apartments in this building.

Recently, Bronx tenants and their allies had been hopeful that a Democratic controlled State Senate would pass important legislation that would help protect tenants and preserve affordable apartments.

This legislation would have been especially important in Senator Espada’s district, which has 77,000 rentregulated apartments and 4,400 Mitchell‐Lama apartments.

In handing the State Senate over to Republican Leadership, Pedro Espada has directly halted legislation that would have helped tenants in his district, and all over New York City.

This rally is sponsored by Housing Here & Now, the Mitchell-Lama P.I.E. Coalition, Latinos for Affordable Rent Coalition, North West Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, CASA – New Settlement (Community Association for Safe Apartments) and more groups.

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