Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lease Renewal Information

The Division of Housing & Community Renewal (DHCR) requires landlords to provide a lease renewal form to rent stabilized tenants between 150 and 90 days before the current lease expires.
DHCR has a wonderful page explaining that if you get your lease renewal late, you can choose when you want it to start: the original date or 3 months from the date you actually received it. There is other useful information there as well: http://www.dhcr.state.ny.us/rent/factsheets/orafac4.htm

If you have NOT gotten your lease renewal form a week before that 90 days expires, first e-mail or call Cheryl Casas and Francine Schiff at Stellar Management: ccasas@stellarmanagement.com and fschiff@stellarmanagement.com. If you do not get the form on time, file DHCR form RA 90 with DHCR - by certified mail, return receipt requested and make sure to keep a copy.

Please send a copy of your e-mail to Stellar to the executive committee of the CPG Tenants' Association . We need to know how often these delays are happening.

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