Monday, May 24, 2010

Pot Luck Photos

We feasted . . . 

(Gloria, Ruby, Janie, Marjorie, Brenda, Frank, Barbara)

Thanks to the Pot Luck Planners:
Debbie, Maxine and Lydia

 And socialized indoors and out

(Sharon, Andrew  and friends)
and ate some more (Marion, Lauria, Joan, Steve, Prudence & Debbie

as Rosa prepared the raffle, Olivia sat in and Marie staffed the welcome desk

Sue & Laura led singing
as Marjorie, Gabrielle, Marlene, Loretta, Janie, Mae & Sheila studied the words

And folks chatted outdoors (Melissa Mark Viverito, Laura, Steve & Joan)

Kathy, Patricia and Prudence

We admired (and then dug into)  the "50 WEST TENANTS" and U.S. Flag cakes brought by Paul,

And drank Marlene's punch.

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