Sunday, October 3, 2010

Emergency Contacts and Keys for the Super!

Recently the police broke down a door to get to a tenant who was ill in her apartment.  She lay there for more than a day because no one had a key to check - and we were not sure if she was away.  The tenant is now recovering in the hospital.  Unfortunately, she will have to pay for the broken door and the new lock the super installed to keep the apartment secure. 
What she lacked:  an EMERGENCY CONTACT card or a current SET OF KEYS - both to be left with the super in the locked box in his office.

Please make sure that Carlos has an up-to-date emergency contact card that states whom to contact and either
(1) which two or three households in the building have your keys (in case one of them is away) or

(2) that the super has your keys in the locked box in his office (and please give him a set).