Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cards for Cuomo, Governor-Elect - We got lots and lots!

Photo by Dan Bryk
Tenants in this building really came through, and we've gotten over 150 cards for Governor-Elect Cuomo.  Some were sent off before we could count them, and some tenants sent their own. Tenants offered cards (so we went through some 150 -) and stamps.

Photo by Dan Bryk
Thanks to: Renée Belzile,  Paulie Fisher, Linda Greenman, Monica Jenkins, Patricia Jordan, Steve Koulish, Jesse Poppick, Eve Posen, Carmen Reyes, Claude Saucier, Maxine Soares  - and anyone and everyone who sat at the table! And thanks to the many, many tenants who signed cards at the table, sent off their own cards, contributed money for postage and cards, contributed cards, and joined in the fun. (Some took a cookie or two.)
Photo by Dan Bryk
If you'd like to send a holiday card to Governor-Elect Cuomo but haven't gotten around to it, you can write your own -  or contact Sue and get a pre-printed card that you just have to sign (and print your name and address on) and send off.

Click here for a sample card.

With the other buildings and groups sending Cards to Cuomo, there should be big stacks of cards on Governor-Elect Cuomo's desk before he takes office!