Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heat and Hot Water

To achieve those temperatures, the boilers cycle on and off - just like an oven maintaining a steady temperature.  So touching the radiator at a given time is not the way to see if Stellar is in violation of the law.  (It is a way to see if the radiator itself is not working - if it stays cold to the touch for hours.  In that case,  fill out a repair requisition at the guard's desk in the lobby.)

Use a digital indoor thermometer to see if the temperature in your apartment is BELOW THE LEGAL LIMIT for that time of day.  If it is, please

(1) Call Stellar and tell them.  If no improvement after an hour, 

(2) Call 311.  (You may do it anonymously if you choose, but then no inspector will come to your apartment.)

(3) Get a reference number and give it to Sue.

Note that the City generally gives owners a period of about 24 hours to fix a broken boiler before issuing a violation.