Thursday, October 13, 2011

Building Issues - Report of Oct. 13 Meeting with Builidng Manager

Executive Committee members of the Central Park Gardens Tenants' Association met with Lucio Pedraza, the building manager, on Thursday, October 13, 2011.  There will be a follow-up meeting in two weeks.  Below is what we discussed and the proposed resolution to each issue.


MICE (and RATS in ground-floor compactor rooms)  - Stellar will send a notice to all  tenants to sign up for the building staff to plug all holes in your apartment with steel wool and special foam - including around your air conditioner (inside the sleeve) if you're on a lower floor.   Please take advantage of this and get your apartment mouse-proofed (even if you have not seen a mouse).
The exterminator should be here twice a week. We told Lu the exterminator did not come last Saturday at all). He said it's a new extermination company whose contract begins this coming week.  
Given rat-sightings in the ground floor compactor rooms, Lu will have rat bait traps put all around them.

If you have mice in your apartment, put your name on the list for the exterminator at the doorman's desk. If the exterminator just puts down traps, tell Carlos you need the whole apartment sealed with steel wool and foam.  Apartments with infestations get priority.

The most common holes are found:
  • around the gas pipe leading to the stove
  • around the 2 pipes inside each radiator
  • around pipe under your kitchen sink - and any other cabinet opening into the building's insides
  • in closets where there are holes into the interior infrastructure of the building - such as holes for telephone wires, or incompletely sealed walls
  • around the air conditioner inside the sleeve facing the balcony.  If you live on the 2nd floor, DON'T leave your balcony door open unless you have a screen door (purchased individually from your own source).

ATM – Stellar will move the ATM into the mailroom.  It will take a little while since Lu has to put in a job order for the outlet to be installed. This should help both security (so no one outside can see a tenant take cash out before exiting the building, and so only tenants know it's there) and appearance.

BUILDING SECURITY – Lu will remind the doormen to either tell visitors & deliverymen to ring intercom or the doorman will CALL upstairs. Lu will give the doorman TWO lists: one by tenant names (already there) and one by apartment number.   Tenants should tell delivery people their names and intercom numbers - rather than apartment numbers.  The tenant or doorman can tell the person the apartment number.

INTERCOM NAMES: The list will be corrected to include all tenants named on lease, in their own alphabetical order. (Now it's "Husband, H. and Wife, W." so someone just looking under "W" wouldn't find the second last name.)

RECYCLING  - Since some tenants noticed building staff shoving recyclables down the chute,  Lu will remind staff to keep recycling separate - or Stellar gets a fine.

HALLWAY CARPETS – Lu will tell the building staff to clean carpets more thoroughly, and to dust the moldings on hallway walls.

TILES NEAR ELEVATORS -  Lu is looking for tiles to replace    those that are chipped.

SIDEWALK WASHING NEAR GARBAGE BINS– Lu will instruct the staff to hose down the sidewalk outside the east side ramp.  Apparently the manager of the neighboring building has also complained.  Sometimes the city's Sanitation trucks spill the contents of the bins as they are tipped up by the truck lifts.

WEST SIDE RAMP - Lu will check a report of cracked cement on the left wall going up to the building. 

If you have additions for the meeting in two weeks, tell a member of the Executive Committee

Na'ava Ades
Joan Browne
Rich Jordan
Greg Murray