Friday, January 20, 2012

Building Update - following meeting with Stellar

At the Jan. 20, 2012 meeting of the tenant association's executive committee with building manager Lu Pedraza and the super, Carlos Martinez,  we touched on several items:

FIOS v. Time Warner Cable:  Lu is working to get Verizon's FIOS wiring into the building - to provide an alternative to Time Warner Cable. Getting it done is not automatic (although Lu has arranged to wire a few other Stellar buildings) because wiring would have to touch or go through some other neighborhood buildings and those managements need to approve it and get it done.
Carbon Monoxide: If your carbon monoxide monitor is not working, write your name in the book for repairs in the lobby and ask for a free replacement.  If your carbon monoxide alarm goes off while your oven is on, get your stove checked. Carbon monoxide has no smell and can kill you.  Unfortunately, the City Council just voted that landlords may charge $25 for a replacement. So if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, buy it.

Laundry:  Carlos will call Coinmach to get more cards put in the machine for those who lose theirs.  (Carlos also has a few, but they're running low.)  Put your name on your card in magic marker so that if you lose it and an honest neighbor finds it, the card can be returned to you.

Smoking in Stairwells
: Please don't.  Lu was reluctant to put smoke detectors in the stairwells because they go off frequently and that drives many tenants nuts.    
Also, as we have all discovered, both the delicious smells of our neighbors' cooking and the irritating smells of their hobby paints and cigarettes come through the walls - including to the apartments above and below.  So please be considerate:  use an exhaust fan that draws the odors outside.  To make the fan work best, limit the smelly activity to a single room with the door closed and then turn on the exhaust fan.

Intercom List
: Lu has asked Fran Schiff (the Director of  Operations) to OK a revision of the intercom list so that every tenant named on the lease has his or her own listing.  Right now, friends can only find some tenants if they know the last names of their roommates.