Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TONIGHT: 5:30 PM - Rally for Fair Elections (for Tenants & Others!)

In the wake of Sen Smith's arrest, it's pretty clear that Albany needs to change. 

We all agree that New York’s campaign finance system is broken. Big money interests, like the wealthy real estate lobby, drown out the voices of everyday New Yorkers. It’s time to change the way politics works in Albany.

The Fair Elections for New York campaign is calling on state legislators to support meaningful campaign finance reform, which will put the process back in the hands of voters and is proven to increase small donor participation in campaigns. We have an historic opportunity to get the campaign finance system we deserve.

On Wednesday, April 3rd, let's curb landlord power in Albany.


Wed, April 3 @ 5:30pm
1199/SEIU Auditorium, 310 W 43rd Street

Speakers from the NAACP, 1199SEIU, Greenpeace, and
Met Council will join other labor, tenant, and community leaders to demand Fair Elections in NY State.