Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We ate, and drank, and awarded, and sang . . .

We ate and drank (see below for what neighbors brought), and awarded the founders of our tenant association, and sang.

Congressman Jerry Nadler came, spoke, and socialized (Manhattan Borough President-Elect Gale Brewer dropped by toward the end), and we all had a blast.

Thanks to: 

Maria Acevedo Bruschetta
Na'ava Ades Pot Luck Planner
Alice Ayalew Stir-fried noodles
Laurie Barton Chicken, tossed salad, macaroni, barbecude 
chicken wings, rice (and more)
Renee Belzile Panetonne (cake)
Jodi Brockington Salad
Joan Browne Greeters, Potato Salad
Nery Cruz Meat pie (platanos "lasagna")
Rosa Delgado Soda
Lavina Edwards Fruit salad, soda
Bonnie Fine Fruit juices
Paul Fisher Sheet cake
Alan Fox Sodas
Sheila Friedling Salad
Barbara Garson Port Roast
Barbara Geller Chips & Chili
Janett Gonzalez Cups & Drinks
Debbie Gonzalez Mixed vegetables;  cleanup; 
 supervision during event
Janett Gonzalez Cleanup
Yvonne Granberry Cornbread
Linda Greenman Brownies
Denis Hayward Cleanup
Tish Howard Salad, baked chicken
Monica Jenkins Sparkling water

Stringbeans, candied yams, 
sausage &  pepper
Rich Jordan Master of Ceremonies
Lora Kahn Soda, juice
Naomi Kelly Apple crumb pie
Ena  Malone Meatloaf
Eva Malone Quinoa salad
Brenda Marshall Carrot cake
Alexandra Martin Pasta with meatballs
Roosevelt Martin Soda
Mary Martin Flyer Distribution
Maritza Martinez Pasta salad
Lorna Maskill Salad, baked chicken
Millie Matos Chicken & pasta
Alexandra Melendez Rice with peas
Marlene Melton punch
Helen Merber Lemon Square, Chocolate Squares
Richard Meza Ice cream
Rhonda Mills Cole Slaw
Bobby Moorehead DJ
Greg Murray Greeter
Prudence Opperman Cake
Letty Orellano Chicken stew; set-up
Elisa  Ovalle Rice Pudding, Chicken, Soda
Lydia Pitsirilos
Decorations!; Cleanup; Supervision during event; 

Turkey meatballs, 
potato salad; barbecued chicken legs; 

Eve  Posen Pasta salad
Wyona Purcell Cleanup
Sekhar Ramakrishnan Spicy broccoli, string beans, chicken
Janak Ramakrishnan Cleanup
Devya Richmond Apple juice and soda
Luz Rivera Pastelitos of chicken and cheese
Anne Rotberg Cookies
Vicki Santiago Flan
Claude Saucier Storage Closet organization; Ice
Vernon Smith Set-up and Cleanup
Pot Luck Planner; Direction during event;
Cleanup; brought jerked chicken
Ana  Soto Poster design
Marie Squerciati Greeter, Spicy port and sausage
Sue  Susman Group singing; pot luck planner
Wini Villanueva Philippino pork rolls
Bonnie Von Dohren
Organized tenant storage closet, and 

 put things away in it afterward; Cooked: 
Puffed sandwiches, artichoke and heart 
of palm frittata, 
Ray  Von Dohren
Pot Luck Planner; delivered platest to shut-ins;  

organized music; 2 kinds of Lumpia 
(like spring rolls)

Ellen Zacarolli Cleanup