Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Let's paint a wonderful New Year and for ourselves and our neighbors with: 

(1) Repeal of vacancy decontrol so we don't lose more affordable housing than can be built (and so owners are less tempted to harass tenants)

(2) Rent regulation for ALL tenants - so even market rate tenants can count on lease renewals at reasonable rates  (and the freedom to complain about service cuts)

(3) Enforcement of city and state rent protections without the current years-long wait

(4) An end to (now unending) rent increases for Major Capital Improvements (MCIs) and Individual Apartment Improvements (IAIs)

(5) Home rule over rents and evictions - bring control back from Albany to city politicians accountable to tenants!

(6) A better Rent Guidelines Board (this one can be aided by the mayor-elect although criteria for selection are set by the state)

(9) Permanent affordable housing for the homeless, the poor, the middle class,  and for our children and for those moving into NYC.  

(10) A unified tenant movement, 100,000 tenants strong

Happy New Year one and all !