Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What the Electric Submetering Notice Means

Stellar Management buys electricity in bulk and sells it to us based on how much our meters show.  That is SUBMETERING.  (We do not have accounts with Con Edison no matter what the telephone marketers tell you.)

Click here for an explanation of Stellar's recent packet on your submetering rights (the same as those of Con Ed customers). 

Stellar’s information packet offers us the same rights that Con Ed customers have.  They are legally required.  If you do not pay an electric bill (some SCRIE and DRIE tenants), you can ignore this).  The rights are:

1.    COMPLAINING – call or write to Stellar if your bill seems too high.

2.    LANGUAGE – You can get the bill in English or Spanish.

3.    BALANCED PAYMENT – If you’d rather know how much the bill will be in advance, ask for balanced payment.  Your previous bills will be averaged out, and you will be billed the same amount every month. 

4.    RATE REDUCTION – If you get SSI (not just Social Security), Food Stamps, or other welfare program, ask Stellar to reduce the RATE (how many cents you get billed per kilowatt hour of electricity).

5.    PAYMENT PLAN – If you’re having trouble paying (and think it will be better in the future), ask Stellar for a deferred payment plan.  That way you pay less now, but “deferred” means you will have to pay it later.

6.    HEALTH & SAFETY – If your health or safety depend on electricity, tell Stellar so they can’t cut off the electricity even if you fail to pay your bill.   That includes
a.    seniors (healthy or not) – with no one in the apartment who is between 18 and 62 years old
b.    those who need oxygen, nebulizers, or other electrical equipment for their health
c.    the disabled.

7.    WHO GETS THE BILL – You can have the electric bill sent to someone who normally pays your bills (a family member, a government agency).