Thursday, July 24, 2014

Expanding rent regulation to more tenants

è Albany's rent regulation laws expire in June 2015.

è New York City's rent regulation laws expire in March 2015. *

When they're renewed, let's get more for our tenants and all tenants in New York. 

A pending Albany bill could put market-rate tenants in our building back into rent stabilization!   

That bill would give all tenants in this building the same right 
  • to a renewal lease at a rate determined by NYC's Rent Guidelines Board
  • to a rent reduction if services are reduced
  • to permit family members living with them to get the apartment if the original tenant leaves.
Let's work together and make it happen!

*Our rents are controlled by Albany and New York City. 

  • Albany decides who will be rent regulated and the composition of the Rent Guidelines Board.
  • NYC's Rent Guidelines Board (appointed by the mayor) decides on rent increase percentages for rent regulated tenants renewing their leases.