Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Petitioning Governor Andrew Cuomo
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Repeal Vacancy Deregulation

Because of vacancy deregulation, New York has lost more affordable housing than it can build in the near future.  Some 90% of apartments taken out of rent control or rent stabilization are deregulated because they are VACANT.  (Only about 5% are deregulated because of the tenant's income.)  In fact, the median income for a rent regulated family in NYC is about $39,000 a year. 
Ending vacancy deregulation will end landlords' incentive to get tenants out - and reduce harassment.  
Ending vacancy deregulation will mean fewer families become homeless.
Passing (2014 legislative numbered) bills A.1858 and S.1167 will mean more affordable, regulated apartments for our children and the 99% of New Yorkers who need it. Regulation protects tenants' rights
  • to a renewal lease at a rate fixed by the Rent Guidelines Board
  • to complain without fear of eviction
  • to have the family members living with them for years get the apartment if the primary tenant leaves.

And under those bills many apartments would be re-regulated.
Many groups are working together to repeal vacancy deregulation, to reduce or end the bonus landlords get when they re-rent a vacant apartment, to limit Major Capital Improvement increases, and more.  (See's legislative program link.).  We are working those groups, but you can and should also express your individual voice on the matter on this petition.