Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Assembly Bill Would Re-Regulate Market Apartments and Cut Owners' Incentives to Get Stabilized Tenants Out

We need our Assembly Member to co-sponsor the bill to repeal vacancy decontrol and re-regulate market apartments.

Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal (from the district just south of us), has sponsored a bill , 1865A, to   repeal vacancy deregulation, which would 
  • end landlords' incentive to oust rent regulated tenants and
  • re-regulate many market rate in this building*  
if it passes. 
Assembly Member Daniel O'Donnell hasn't yet signed on, so please email him to become a sponsor of 1865A. (Suggested text below.) 

Then you can print out and sign the petition here  (we'll have it in the lobby next week) - and give it to your floor captain.  We want to bring them to A.M. O'Donnell and State Senator Perkins before mailing them to Governor Cuomo.  
Suggested email text:

Dear Assembly Member O'Donnell,

You have always been an advocate for tenants in our district.  Please add your name to the list of co-sponsors for bill A01865A to repeal vacancy decontrol and re-regulate market apartments.  We need that bill!

Thank you for your attention and the good work that you do.

[your name]

*Section 6 of the bill says that an apartment that has been taken out of rent stabilization or rent control because the rent was too high, will be re-regulated - as long as the rent never reached $5,000. Once back in regulation, the new base rent will be either what the tenant was paying on December 31, 2014, or - if the apartment was vacant, what the last rent was just before that date.