Monday, May 18, 2015

Pot Luck a Great Success!

Loretta & Vicki
This was probably the biggest and best pot luck ever in the building!  The weather generally cooperated, so folks were socializing indoors and out - despite a few drizzles.  We ate, we talked, we listened to Congressman Nadler, we ate, we danced (thanks to Bobby Moorhead's great DJ-ing and Rich Jordan's impromptu accompaniment), we sang (from "the Wheels on the Bus" to tenant songs and more), we ate some more, and many, many people chipped in - with work, money, food, and drink. 
Luz & new baby

We welcomed new babies and old friends.
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Maxine, Mike, Monica, Cong. Nadler, Na'ava, Frank, Bonnie
Congressman Nadler spoke about the GOP cutting funding for national infrastructure - even after the recent terrible Amtrak accident.  He spoke about his involvement with affordable housing and civil liberties throughout his career (which included helping to found our tenant association!), the ongoing need for affordable housing, and about civil liberties.  He's confident that Congress will pass a bill to limit warrantless surveillance - something our founding fathers fought against.  He also expressed his support for a negotiated deal with Iran to prevent it from having a nuclear weapon, as long as there is adequate verification.  The right question to ask is which is the best alternative: (!) an agreement (which hasn't been finalized), (2) the "tough guy" approach (which would have to result in further sanctions - possibly not agreed to by other countries, and in the meantime, inspectors would be leaving), or (3) war. 

Sadly, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer couldn't be with us for family reasons.  But she's promised to come to one of our next general tenant meetings in the fall.

Here is the FIRST list of thanks to folks who participated.  Sign up in the mailroom if you've been inadvertently left off the list!

The Pot Luck Planners:  Maxine Soares, Debbie Gonzalez, and Lydia Pitsirilos (responsible for the cheerful decor).  They organized and kept the platters filled, and the dessert table covered so there'd be something left at the end of the meal.  

Children's table: Na'ava Ades, with the help of Sharon Davis, prepared it.

Encouraging everyone to come: Na'ava Ades and Marlene Melton called neighbors. Sue did email and posters based on Ana Soto's model.

Setting up / Clean up:  Claude Saucier cleaned the backyard, the tenant association supply closet, and the Community Room as the party progressed and afterward.  He was helped by Denis Hayward and others.  Pat Jordan, Wyona Purcell, Ana Soto, and many others helped wash the pots, pans, and platters. 

Bobby & Rich

Music: Bobby Moorhead was the DJ, Rich Jordan added a jazz singing touch to each piece.  I led the guitar folk-music-y singing.

Greeting/Collecting money:  Joan Browne (our treasurer), Ray von Dohren, Helen Merber, John ("Bones" - also known as "John-John") Rodriguez, Marie Squerciati and Maria Acevedo.   Ray also brought food to tenants who couldn’t make it downstairs to the party.  (If you missed that this year, please let us know for next year.)

Food and drink:  Please let Sue know what and who were missed here!  Many tenants borought food in directly to the Pot Luck Planners.

THANK YOU TO (in alphabetical order)

Maria Acevedo – Bruschetta
Laurie Barton – Fish with Rice; Chicken & Rice; Kale Salad; Cookies
Renee Belzile - Panettone
Chariss Boisseau - Mac & Cheese
Rosa Delgado - Soda
Paul Fischer - Sheet cake
Alan Fox - Soda
Sheila Friedling - Green Salad
Barbara Garson - Port Roast
Debbie Gonzalez - Roasted vegetables
Zena Gonzalez – Rice & Chorizo
Denis Hayward & Wini Villanueva - Broccoli-cheese-meat Burritos
Pat Jordan – Chicken Tenders, Green beans, Butterscotch Cookies (Pat & Orisha baked them)
Laura Koulish – Ravioli
Eva Marie Malone - Soda
Ena A. Malone - Boston Baked beans and Beef Frankfurters
Alexandra Martin  & Aaron Heisler – Red Velvet Cake
Jerry Marzan - Soda
Marlene Melton - Punch
Sylvia Mills - Cheese Cake
Kathie Murray - Turkey Chili
Letty Orellano - Baked Chicken
Carlos & Elisa Ovalle - Rice Pudding
Lydia Pitsirilos - Potato Salad
Namita Prasad – Samosas
Sekhar Ramakrishnan - Indian Chicken, Mixed Vegetables with Coconut
Luz Rivera – Pastelitos
Bones & Laura Rodriguez - Couscous Salad
Vicki Santiago - Flan
Maxine Soares - Jerked Chicken
Marie Squerciati - lentils Cotta Cine
Janie Stewart - Green beans
Bonnie vonDohren – Chicken Lasagna, Apple Cake
Anna Webb – Soda, Ice
Cary Webb - Trifle