Monday, November 7, 2016

VOTE on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016: 040/69

Our polling place is P.S. 163, on the north side of 97th Street between Columbus and
Amsterdam Avenues.  

It is open from 6 AM to 9 PM on Tuesday, November 8th.

Our ED (Election District) is 040
Our Assembly District is 69

This election is very important for us as a society and as tenants.

Please encourage your friends and family to vote.  If the State Senate should get a Democratic majority (not counting the "Independent Democratic Conference" who caucus with the Republicans), there is a better chance of serious progress on pro-tenant bills. 

Political Subdivisions
  • Election/Assembly District

    Helpful Hint: Write this number down and bring it with you on Election Day

      • Judicial District

          • Congressional District

              • Senatorial District

                  • Council District

                      • Municipal Court District

                          • Assembly District