Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pot Luck a Big Success!

Over 90 people ate, sang, schmoozed, and had a good time at our annual Pot Luck Party.

We listened to candidate Brian Benjamin (nominated by the Democratic Party to replace Bill Perkins who left the State Senate to become a City Council member) and to our own City Council Member Mark Levine.  Then we ate some more!

The primary credit goes to our Pot Luck Planners; Maxine Soares, Lydia Pitsirilos, Joan Browne, and Debbie Gonzalez. 

And THANKS to the many people who contributed their work and food and time:

Lydia Pitsirilos, Maxine Soares, Debbie Gonzalez, Letty Orellano, Claude Saucier, and Vernon Smith, did the set-up and decorations, with a lovely motif of hanging spirals of paper (shiny and not).  

Joan Browne,Helen Merber, and Maria Acevedo greeted guests all evening and wrote down the dish those who signed in brought.    The dishes were put out by Tish Howard with help from Melanie Eversley.

WHAT PEOPLE BROUGHT  (If you didn't sign in, your dish isn't here - so let me know!)

Maria Acevedo: Bruschetta
Stephanie and John Arenas: Cookies
Laurie Barton:  Vegetable and fruit platter, cake
Chariss Boisseau & Carlos: Mac& cheese, seltzer, and music!
deAndrade:  Empanadas
Dixon, Norma: Yellow rice with peas and eggs; yellow rice with mixed vegetables
Gabrielle Everett: Coleslaw with hot dogs
Melanie Eversley: Chicken pasta salad
Paul Fisher:  Cake
Sheila Friedling: Tossed salad
Debbie Gonzalez - Roasted vegetables
Linda Greenman: Rugelach
Aaron Heisler & Alexandra Martin: Cookies,rugelach
Jill  Hodge: Cookies
Tish Howard: Roasted chicken with garlic and peppers
Florence Jackson & Jerry Pirog: Korean chicken legs; black bean & corn salad
Pat Jordan: Haricots verts
Laura Koulish: Spinach lasagna
Mona and Jean Joseph Leon: Pasta with garden vegetables
Collean Mallon: Greek pasta salad
Ena Malone: Chocolate cherry tiara cake
Kathie Murray: Turkey chili
Adelaida Navarro: Arroz con gandules
Brenda Marshall: Red Velvet Cake
Marlene Melton: Summer punch (and one other punch recipe!)
Roie and Prudence Oppreman: Cakes
Letty Orellano: Garlic stringbeans
Mildred Palermo: Juice
Lydia Pitsirilos - Roast chicken, potato salad
Namita Prasad:  Samosas
Sekhar Ramakrishnan:  Spicy broccoli
Bones Rodriguez: Coconut, walnut, oatmeal raisin cookies
Virginia Santiago: Cookies and punch
Maxine Soares: Jerk chicken
Janie Stewart: Collard greens
Cary Webb: Home-made parker rolls, garlic knots
Beatriz Zapata: Fresh cheese with peppers appetizer

Steve Koulish, Laura Koulish, Lydia Pitsirilos, Claude Saucier, Vernon Smith, Maxine Soares

Special thanks to Chariss Boisseau for providing the music, to building staff Mike Medina, Lenny Moreno, and Modesto ("Ito") Santiago for their pre-party clean-up and to Barbara Geller for arranging the flowers outside.   Thanks to Vernon Smith who found, cleaned, and prepared the table and chairs outside and to Claude Saucier and Vernon Smith prepared the children's rug and chairs.