Thursday, November 30, 2017

Last Meeting, Next Meeting . . . (Nov. 2017-Jan. 2018)

Elections and a country divided 
At the Nov. 15, 2017 General Tenants Meeting, Norman Lafond, Chair of the Manhattan
Policy Forum, outlined why our country is so divided electorally.  Few people actually go to the polls in this country. The only people who regularly turn out to vote are the most motivated - and that often means those who feel the most strongly about a particular issue.  That leads candidates to play to those small interest groups, and that leads to further division.  The upshot: If we want a less divided country, more people have to get out and vote.  (The Catch-22:  how to motivate people to do that?)    There was a rousing discussion, with tenants on both sides of the aisle civilly raising their points.  An excellent example of democratic debate!

At our January 17, 2018 meeting:  NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer
will talk about our credit (whether paying rent on time should become part of our credit report, which it isn't now), and why the buses don't work - as well as other topics under his purview as NYC's Comptroller. 

In between, the tenant association's Board and Floor Captains have a meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017.  

The Façade work continues.
It's moving slowly along the back of the building from west to east.  When the workers are finished, they'll shift the scaffolding to the front.  Balconies on the side they're working on should be cleared so that the men can inspect the cement and make repairs.

Protect your vulnerable neighbors!
As holiday season approaches, so does the season of scams.  Make sure your neighbors don't fall prey, and while you're at it, offer someone a cup of eggnog (or at least a diet soda).  It's a great way to make friends.

NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) : We're waiting for more details from Goddard Riverside about how this would work for a rental building. (Most NYC NORCS are co-ops, which contribute substantially to pay a social worker.)

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  If it IS broken, write a requisition slip!
Intercoms: Most of us have working intercoms.  If you don't know your intercom number, check it in the alcove between the front door and the lobby. Then give that number to family, friends, restaurants, and others from whom you're expecting a delivery.  When they put in that number, it should ring on your phone.  Answer your phone and press "9" to let the person in.   For most of us, the intercoms work and we're getting notified before a visitor comes upstairs. 

If your intercom is not working, please fill out a requisition slip at the guard's desk. 

Fill out a slip for any problem in your apartment, such as
  • broken floor tiles (Stellar should cover them, since they're vinyl asbestos)
  • broken counter top or cabinets
  • plumbing (unless it's an emergency,  for which you should call 212-663-8527 or the guard's desk, 212-663-5420 immediately)
  • etc.
The hallway cameras were supposed to have been moved over the past 2 weeks so they no longer see directly into your apartment.  If they haven't been fixed, please notify Trevor Matwey, 212-222-4430, ( imediately. 

Succession: Who gets the apartment if you leave.  Check out this helpful factsheet.