Saturday, May 26, 2018



Pot Luck Planners Maxine Soares, Debbie Gonzalez, and Lydia Pitsirilos who 
oversaw the event, bought supplies, set up the party, replenished the food and drink, collected trash, and cleaned up! Lydia did the decorations.

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CS and Vernon Smith for major setting up, with the help of Cary Webb and Letty Orellano

to DJ Bobby Moorhead for making everyone tap their feet - or merengue;

to Pat Jordan and Joan Browne for phoning tenants and to Pat for bringing food to the doorman and to homebound tenants, and for cleaning up;

to Joan Browne, Melanie Eversley, Frank Leonardo, Kitty Rivera, and Ray von Dohren for greeting people and signing them in; 

to Laura Koulish and Tish Howard for food distribution and clean-up during the dinner;

to the post-dinner clean-up crew, including Joan Browne, Melanie Eversley, Barbara Garson, Pat Jordan, Laura Koulish, Steve Koulish, Sean Lynch, Wyona Purcell, CS, and Vernon Smith;

to Na'ava Ades and CS for the children's table, art supplies and toys, and 

Maria Acevedo for her lemon bites and cupcakes
Laurie Barton for deviled eggs, kale & tomato salad, and pasta
Nicole Barton for her cupcakes
Chariss Boisseau for her salad. strawberries. and sodas,and juice
Jodi Brockington for her sodas and juice
Joan Browne for her brownies
Jurency de Andrada for her pastry
Gabrielle Eversley for her kale salad and chicken pasta salad
Paul Fisher for his sheet cake
Sheila Friedling for her green salad
Elsa Gonzalez and Mercedes MacDonald, flan
Linda Greenman for her Biscotti
Denis Hayward and Wini Villanueva for beef burritos
Tish Howard for her kale and strawberries 
Shirley Johnson for her lasagna
Pat Jordan for her chicken tenders and green salad
Bleu Lanza for her salad
Mona and Jean Leon for their pasta and chicken with vegetables
Sean Lynch for his sodas
Brenda Marshall for her carrot cake
Ena Malone for her turkey meatloaf
Richard Meza and Monica Jenkins for their spanakopita
Rhonda Mills for her cole slaw
Kathie Murray for her turkey chili
Pat Neely for her brownies
Adelaida Navarro for her salad
Prudence Opperman for her cookies
Letty Orellano for her pasta with meat sauce
Lydia Pitsirilos for her potato salad and roast pork
Sushma Prasad for pakoras and chicken kebab
Valary Prescott and Sara for turkey
Luz Rivera for her rice and beans
Laura V. Rodriguez for her chicken-vegetable-rice casserole
Traci Swain for chocolates
Bonnie von Dohren for her deviled eggs
Ray von Dohren for his roast pork

to Jefferson Towers neighbor Ron Dressler for the 
spectacular banjo work and singing along with 
Sue Susman's singing and guitar), 

to State Senator Brian Benjamin's aide, Neil Douglas Reilly for bringing flyers and chatting with tenants

to neighbors from 50 W. 93rd Street Sharon and Khadijah Canns for their support of our tenant association.

If your name is not here and you did or brought something for the Pot Luck, contact Sue [a t ] j a n a k  dot  o rg!