Thursday, December 16, 2021

Get vaccinated and boosted against the omicron variant of COVID

Omicron is spreading  (the number of cases doubles every 3 days), so get yourself vaccinated. 

Here's an excerpt of a chart from the NY Times showing COVID cases in New York.  The red line is going higher and higher. 

The omicron variant of COVID can infect you even if you've had COVID before, and even if you're vaccinated.  BUT you are not likely to get sick if you've had your booster shot.  All COVID vaccinations are FREE, whether or not you have insurance. 

You can get it at the local RiteAid or CVS or Walgreens or the Ryan Center on West 97th Street.. If you haven't been vaccinated at all, you can sign up for vaccination in your own home if you are 75 or older or have a disability. 

Governor Hochul has ordered masks in all public indoor spaces where vaccines aren't required - including our corridors and lobby and laundry room and mailroom. 

Unfortunately, people who are elderly or immune-suppressed remain likely to become seriously ill, and we have several of those in our building.  Be kind and save lives.  Please continue to wear a mask and get yourself vaccinated and "boosted."   If you're living alone and worried about a reaction, please let the tenant association know and we'll try to have someone available to help you. 

You should be able to get yourself tested on West 97th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam or at home.