Sunday, May 1, 2022

Which Council District will we be in?

Learn about CITY redistricting this Thursday, May 5th

on Zoom at 7:30 PM 

The redistricting maps that determine who represents us in the state and federal government were recently invalidated by New York Courts.  But the CITY’s redistricting process is run by a commission that follows a different set of rules. The deadline for the local Districting Commission to release the first draft maps is June 7, 2022.   The Commission’s decision will affect us for the next decade.

A lot of what we do is affected by who represents us in the City Council.  Until last year we were represented by Mark Levine. He became Manhattan Borough President and now we’re represented by Shaun Abreu, still in District 7, with its office on W. 141st Street.  Meanwhile, District 6 goes up to West 96th Street.  

Citizen's Union is presenting a workshop on:  

  • The basics of Council redistricting
  • Why it's important
  • An overview of how maps are drawn
  • How to create our own maps
  • How to testify effectively at the Districting Commission.

ID: 831 1124 9427

Phone: 646 876 9923

This is sponsored by our tenant association along with the Park West Village Tenants Association and the Westgate Tenants Association.