Wednesday, September 14, 2022

TONIGHT: Meet State Sen. Brad Hoylman and talk about building issues

Come to our Tenant Meeting this evening at 8 in the backyard.

8-8:30 PM Meet State Senator Brad Hoylman, who won the Democratic primary in our new state senate district and therefore will likely become our state senator in January. (Vote on election day, Nov. 8th!)  Sen. Hoylman went from being an Eagle Scout in rural West Virginia to being a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, a Harvard Law Grad, and will likely continuing his career in the State Senate, where he was the first openly gay member.

Since being in the Senate representing a district south of ours, he’s passed 120 bills, some of them the most progressive in decades.  These include

·      The Child Victims Act (with AM Linda Rosenthal)

·      Police STAT Act, requiring pol. Depts. to share data on demographics of people they’re arresting & ticketing

·      GENDA: antidiscrimination protections for transgender & non-binary NYers

·      Protect Our Courts bars ICE from arresting immigrants in & around sate courthouses.

·      Strengthened vaccine requirements for kids

·      2019 rent reforms – housing affordability is biggest issue.

You'll have a chance to ask him your questions. 

8:30  PM After Sen. Hoylman, we'll hear from Assembly member Danny O'Donnell's chief of staff, Gabriel Lewenstein about what Danny has been up to. 

8:45  PM Then building issues, including mice, elevators, free updated COVID boosters,  composting, a Halloween fundraiser, and warehousing and your questions!