Wednesday, November 22, 2023

New Regulations do more than just regulate "Frankensteined" apartments

DHCR published new regulations effective November 8, 2023.  In addition to regulating what the first rent can be in combined apartments (and making them rent stabilized if any original part was stabilized),  the new regulations do a few more things that we all need:

1. They clarify succession rights where the tenant named on the lease moved out but continued to sign lease renewals or paid the rent.  The new regulations define "permanently vacated" as when the tenant of record actually permanently moved out (regardless of signing lease renewals or paying rent).

2. They bar the landlord from collecting any rent increase for a rent stabilized apartment where the landlord hasn't filed the annual registration for that apartment.  Where DHCR reminds the landlord to file and it still doesn't happen, the landlord will be fined $500 per month for each such apartment.