Friday, January 26, 2024

Summary of the Jan. 17, 2024 Tenant Meeting

We began with a moment of silence for Marichu Ras, who passed away on January 12th.

  • If Stellar is coming after you - for example about paying the rent - please contact the tenant association right away.  Time matters, and there's nothing to be embarrassed about.  Everyone needs help sometimes. 
  • Valentine's Day Fundraiser on Sat., February 10th in the lobby, 12 to 6 PM.  You can pay your annual dues ($10) and the legal fund contribution if you can afford it, and pick up some sweets for your sweetie.
  • Winners of the "We Want to Hear From You!" contest:  Ayana Dixon announced the winners:  Linda Greenman, Ellen Zacarolli and Abraham Irwin (a commercial tenant).
  • Logo contest:  Can you draw? paint? use a computer to design?  Design our Central Park Gardens Tenants' Association logo - for use on flyers and enlarged on a banner!  Deadline: Feb. 28, 2024. 
  • Community Board 7 positions open. Apply now!  Deadline: Feb. 23rd at 5 PM.  


Open seat for Assembly Member Danny O'Donnell's position
Our long-time Assembly Member has decided not to run for re-election. There will be a Democratic primary in June with (so far) four candidates, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Micah Lasher, just stepped down from being director of policy for NYS under Gov. Hochul
Tenant association leaders from several buildings in the neighborhood are working to organize a zoom discussion with the candidates in February. 

Click on "read more" for the bulk of the summary. 

New Laws We Have for 2024 - The link is more complete than the highlights below. 

Tenants & Landlords:  
  • Anti-Frankensteining law passed, so first rents of combined apartments are capped, and new apartments that include any space that was rent stabilized are now entirely stabilized. 
  • Emergency contacts: Stellar must provide them to emergency services personnel, so give your contact information to the guard.  You can pick up a form from the guard's desk or from our super, Sako Kolenovic.
  • Easier voting registration and absentee voting, and voting forms for students and for prisoners completing their sentences.
  • Victims get more time to apply for compensation from state. 
  • Clean-slate law (not for sex crimes, murder, or non-drug serious felonies), and law enforcement keep access to records.
  • Minimum wage is now $16/hour, and going up in 2025. 
  • Free-lancers must get written contracts. 
  • Employers can't demand your social media information. 

New Laws We NEED for Housing Justice for All

  • Good Cause Eviction : Protect market tenants by guaranteeing renewal leases and only limited rent increase (unless owner can justify more).