Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Tenant Meeting Tonight - Wed., March 13, 2024

Come hear about

The NYC Department of Sanitation on 

  • Why should we do it? 
  • What does the Department of Sanitation do with our compost matter? 
  • How should we do it? 

Bloomingdale Aging in Place - a volunteer community group

  • what activities?
  • who can volunteer?
  • what can you can help with?
→  Tenant bills contact Governor Hochul as the NYS budget gets finalized. MESSAGE:  I urge you to support "good cause," social housing, and vouchers, and veto any "vacancy reset."

Make sure she supports

  • "Good cause eviction" (guaranteed lease renewals for market-rate tenants at no more than 3% increase - or a percentage of inflation - unless good cause is shown)
  • Social housing agency to build more Mitchell-Lama type developments
  • State housing vouchers for poor people
and opposes the very bad "vacancy reset" bill.  That bill, S.6352/A.6772  would let landlords set the stabilized rents of vacant apartments that had been occupied for 10 years of more at the "fair market rent" - which could more than double the rent.  That would 
  • make rent stabilized apartments much less affordable 
  • put a target on the back of long-term rent-stabilized tenants, as landlords would have a reason to get rid of them.
This bill could be a Trojan horse: even if this bill itself doesn't pass, it could lead to a "compromise" bill so landlords could get higher increases when the renovate an apartment. (Right now the increases are capped at $83.)