Saturday, May 10, 2008

Laundry Rooms

The laundry rooms now have what are touted to be all-new machines. You need a plastic card (provided by the building manager) to use them. The cards are similar to Metrocards - but made out of plastic.

You should have received your card in a plain white envelope under your door. If not, please contact Hezi at 212-222-4430, or .

The card has $5 already on it. To add more money, insert the card into the machine at the entrance to the laundry room (West side) and opposite the entrance (East side). The machine will tell you how much money is on it. Then insert money ($5, $10, $20 bills) into the bill slot. The machine will take the money and add that amount to the card.

To use the washing machine: After you have put in the clothes and detergent, put the card in the slot. KEEP the card in the slot until after you have selected the type of wash you want and pressed START. Only remove the card when the machine says "Pull card."

To use the dryer: After you have put the clothes in the dryer, put the card in the slot. Press the heat amount you want, and then press START. That will give you 6 minutes for 30 cents. Remove the card, and keep inserting it and pressing START for each additional 6 minutes.

Biggest Washing Machine: $2.60
Next Biggest Washing Machine: $2.10
Regular Washing Machine: $1.60
Dryer: $0.30 per 6 minutes.

The new cards let Coinmach increase the prices in increments of under 25 cents, without many tenants noticing.

If you lose your card -- for example by throwing out the card left under the door with no indication that it wasn't an advertisement -- first ask Hezi for a replacement. If you lose it later, and he will no longer give you a replacement, you can buy a new card from the machine for $4.00.

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