Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Electric bills HIGH

The submetering electric bills for the month of June (meter reading on July 2, 2008) are extremely high.

Some increases are expected: there was one Con Ed rate increase in April 2008, and another 22% increase for the summer months. In addition, we had a record-breaking heat wave in June, with temperatures 20 degrees above normal, so many of us ran our air conditioners for days at a time.

But we need to check both the rates (we should get a sheet shortly from Quadlogic) and whether the kilowatt hours (KwH) that are claimed are really on our meters. Try to read your meter once a month on the meter reading day to keep track.

The meter reading dates are:
July 2,
August 1
September 2
September 30 or October 1
October 30, and
December 3rd.

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