Saturday, July 5, 2008

Will Stellar provide window blinds?

Contrary to the practice since Stellar took over the building, Francine Schiff of Stellar Management asserts that "we have always maintained the repair and replacement of the window blinds as requested by each tenant." Since that has not been tenants' experience from the minute that the property manager cut off repair and replacement of window blinds, tenants are giving Stellar a chance to bear out Ms. Schiff's assertion. A copy of her letter has been given to Hezi Mizrahi (the building manager who is on vacation this week) and to superintendent Carlos Martinez.

If your blinds are broken, please contact Hezi at his office: 212-222-4430.

If Stellar does NOT provide and repair window blinds for rent stabilized tenants, we will complain to DHCR.

The rent stabilization law does not permit a building owner to reduce significant services that existed before the building entered rent stabilization - unless tenants get a rent decrease.

If you need your window blinds repaired or replaced, please contact Hezi and let someone on the Executive Committee of the tenants' association know the result.

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