Thursday, July 1, 2010

Call Sen. Bill Perkins to Strongly Support our Bills

There is a chance that some tenant bills will be passed in the next few days, but some of our State Senators are wavering. Give Senator Bill Perkins strength by calling to urge that he support the tenant bills STRONGLY.

CALL AND EMAIL every day until the legislative session ends (could be today, tomorrow, or next week).  His telephone numbers are 212-222-7315 in NYC and 518-455-2441 in Albany.

WHAT TO SAY: Tell Sen. Perkins these bills are important! Tenants need 
  • S6881 to extend rent laws extended now (otherwise they expire in 2011), and 
  • S3326D (the Stewart-Cousins bill) to save Mitchell-Lama, and keep our homes affordable with no "unique or peculiar circumstances" increases.  
Sen. Perkins has sponsored both these bills, but needs to push back against the Real Estate lobby. They are out in force - and we have to show him that votes are more important that Real Estate money.

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