Friday, July 16, 2010

Write to Senator Bill Perkins: We need a hero!

The State Senate temporarily adjourned on July 1st without passing any of the tenant bills members had promised to tenants.  Senators will be going back to Albany to pass the state budget (originally due April 1st!).  Insist that they stay up there until the tenant bills get passed!  Below is a sample letter you can adapt and sent to Senator Bill Perkins .

 July 2010

Senator Bill Perkins
Suite 932, State Office Building
163 W. 125th St.
New York, NY  10029

                                    Re: Tenant Bills Pending in Senate

Dear Senator Perkins:

You have been a friend to tenants like me, living in a former Mitchell-Lama and fighting "unique or peculiar circumstances" increases.   But right now tenants need more than a friend.  We need you to be a hero.

For decades tenants in this neighborhood have been promised that the Senate Democrats would reform and strengthen our rent laws once you took the majority.  Bu tat the end of the second legislative season with Democrats in charge, my neighbors and I are frustrated and disillusioned.

Now we need you to stand up for us - now more than ever: Do not come home without passing our package of rent reform legislation

Of course it is hard to pass controversial bills in the current Senate.  And I know that a couple of members of the Democratic conference are closely aligned with landlord lobbyists and are working to ensure that pro-tenant bills don’t reach the Senate floor. 

It's time for Senators on our side to stand up.  I urge that you call Senate Conference Leader John Sampson and tell him that you will not be present for a vote on the budget until after the Senate has passed our priority legislation.

Sincerely ,
 [your name and address]

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