Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rent Laws Expired - Tenants Safe for Now - Call Albany

The rent laws expired on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.  Tenants are protected by their leases, and the new rent law, whenever it's passed, will be retroactive.  If you are harassed by Stellar, check the NYS HCR (which used to be "DHCR") protections, including a hot line at (855) 391-4526   and at

We need to hold out for a good deal, not just any deal.  See the statement of our State Senator, Bill Perkins.

CONTACT ALL THE PLAYERS AT ONCE:  You can reach Governor Cuomo, Senate Maj. Leader Dean Skelos, and two recalcitrant State Senators Golden and Lanza IN ONE FELL SWOOP by going to

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Phone: 518-474-8390,  Fax:  518-474-1513,   NYC Phone: 212-681-4580 
Email the Governor through his webpage:    

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos 
Albany:: 518-455-3171,   District office:  516-766-8383,  email:

And even though they're out of our district, call or e-mail these NYS Senators from NYC:
Senator "Marty" Golden: Albany-518-455-2730, Bklyn district office: 718-238-6044, email:
Senator Andrew Lanza: Albany-518455-3215, Staten Island district office-718-984-4073, email:

Tenants need stronger rent laws, which means
  • repealing vacancy decontrol  (not just raising the limit)
  • putting into rent stabilization all buildings out of Mitchell-Lama
    • regardless of when they were built
    • regardless of when they were taken out of the program
    • WITHOUT "unique or peculiar circumstances" increases.  (The DHCR regulation is not enough to protect us!)
At the very least, owners should not be allowed to take apartments out of rent stabilization "on the honor system" - not having to file any papers at all unless they feel like it.  

CALL or FAX TODAY to protect all our homes.