Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a Pot Luck Party!!!

If you weren't there last night, you missed truly spectacular food, 

great music 

-         thanks to Bobby Moorhead's   

and singing by one and all - 

and good company.
Thanks go first to the Pot Luck Planners: 
Seen in last year's photo
Debbie Gonzalez, Lydia Pitsirilos, and Maxine Soares,

who with grace and competence put the party together, did the entire set-up (with help from Rosa Delgado) and beautiful decorations, and oversaw every detail all evening.  Catering isn't their business, but you sure couldn't tell it from the smooth flow of the evening.

Thanks to Marie Squerciati and her good friend Oliva who staffed the "welcome" desk, signed everyone in, gave out name tags, collected money, directed people who were bringing food and drink - and brought a hot dish to share as well!

Thanks for food and drink 

go to:

Ruby B for lemon nut cake
Laurie B for baked chicken wings
Nicole B for tossed green salad
Chariss B for Entemann's pies
Renée B for panettone
Nery C for flan
Jurency De A. for coconut custard
Lavina E for fruit platter
Paulie F for his sheet cakes for tenants - with appropriate decoration
Bonnie F for apple pie
Sheila F for tossed salad with chickpeas
Barbara G for berry salad

Janett G for helping to distribute flyers about today's fair rent rally (it was also a blast at the First Corinthian Church in Harlem)
Debbie G for roasted vegetables
Zena and Louis G for soda
Yvonne G for corn cakes
Linda G for rugelach
Celeste H-B for home-style tiramisu
Tish H for pasta with chicken
Monica J for whole wheat linguini with pesto sauce, and mixed vegetables
Pat J for macaroni and cheese, and for a cabbage dish
Mike and Sara L for chicken scarpariello
Mona L for scalloped potatoes
Frank L for meat loaf with ricotta stuffing
Ena M for pigeon peas and rice and for turkey meatloaf
Eva Marie M for gazpacho
Brenda M for cake 
Mary M for chocolate cake
Millie M for soda
Marlene M for her famous punch
Rhonda M for cole slaw
Sylvia M for cheese cake
Jorinda M for chicken with pesto sauce
Kathie M for turkey chili
Adelaide N for pastelitos (meat patties)

Prudence O for black beans with sausage
Eric O for cupcakes that he made himself
Letty O for baked chicken
Carlos O for rice pudding
Jerry P and Florence J for 3-bean salad
Lydia P for pernil (roast pork) and rice & gandules
Sekhar R for Indian-barbecued chicken and spicy vegetables (1 spinach with onion, 1 okra, and 1 broccoli dish)
Gloria R for a Peruvian meat dish
Ann R for cupcakes
Claude S for curried lamb meatballs with sour cream, and ice for the drinks
Vicky S for flan
Jewel S for macaroni casserole
Maxine S for jerked chicken
Janie S for string beans
Winy V for macaroons
Anna and Cary W for truffled green beans with red onions
Georgina W for desserts.

And (from sources as yet unnamed):   yummy Asian noodles, scrumptious rice pudding, chocolate cake,  beverages, and more dishes!  (If your name and dish are missing from this list, just contact Sue who will add them. )
THANKS for cleaning up go to:

Winy V and Denis H (and Nicky and Katie)   
Elisa O 
Wyona P
Claude S
Cary W.

And thank to all the tenants who contributed money!   
 Our trusty treasurer, Joan Browne will tally it all up.  

A great time was had by all (including baby H. who smiled happily throughout the evening, and little Kia who sang out through her missing front teeth).

If you have photos of the event, please pass them along, and Sue will post them on the website!