Friday, October 12, 2012

Last Day to Register to Vote!

Friday, Oct. 12th is a critical deadline for both the 2012 Election AND for 2013

This is the last day you can register to vote in the 2012 Election.

It is also your last chance to CHANGE YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION in order to be able to
vote in the citywide primary in 2013.

Why is this important?
Because for races like City Council, Borough President, Public Advocate, City Comptroller and, yes, even Mayor of New York City, there will be hard-fought primary campaigns. For most and maybe all of them, the winner of the primary will also win the general election in November. You must be a registered with a party in order to participate in that party's primary election. New York State election law says you cannot change your enrollment and vote in the new party primary of your choice in the same year – so if you’re going to switch party enrollment, you need to do so by Friday!

How can you register?
Online on the DMV’s website in their new Electronic Voter Registration Application. Click here: