Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Protect Yourself as a Tenant

In some of its buildings, Stellar has been going after tenants for subletting apartments, or having roommates without notifying the landlord, or living in your apartment less than 183 days per year.

So protect yourself: 

ROOMMATES:  Market-rate and rent stabilized tenants may have roommates, but can't profit from that fact.  You can't charge roommates more than their "proportionate share" and must notify Stellar within 30 days of the person(s) moving in.  

PRIMARY RESIDENCE: Rent stabilized tenants may have a second home but the apartment in this building has to be your PRIMARY residence - where you live at least 183 days a year.  There are exceptions for those in the military, in a hospital or in a nursing home, for example.  

SUBLETTING:  Legally, Stellar's permission is required for you to sublet your apartment. Stellar could let you sublet - but that could get you into trouble with the "primary residence" issue.

If Stellar has recently put a notice under your door to evict you for one of these things (or anything else), please tell a member of the Executive Committee right away.