Thursday, September 12, 2013

General Tenants Meeting - after the "Scoping" meeting on Jewish Home Lifecare

Tuesday, Sept. 17  Jewish Home Lifecare Proposal's "Scoping Meeting." 
Tell the state what environmental impact you want them to examine concerning Jewish Home Lifecare's proposal to build a 20-story building between Whole Foods and P.S. 163.
When:  6:30 pm
Where: P.S. 163 auditorium (go around the back), 97th St. between Columbus & Amsterdam Avenues. 

Wednesday, Sept. 18  General Tenants Meeting

What can the City Council do for us ?

Ask Mark Levine, the Democratic candidate for City Council for our district.

Also:  Mice, and the MCI.  

All tenants welcome.  Bring a chair and a neighbor.