Monday, June 15, 2015

From our Assembly Member regarding the Rent Laws


As you most likely know, our city's rent laws sunset at midnight tonight. I write now to assure you that my colleagues in the Assembly and I are doing all we can to make sure that the laws are not only renewed, but also strengthened. However, that may not happen by the deadline at midnight. Please be assured that the laws will be reauthorized before the session concludes and will almost certainly be retroactive to the date of expiration. If there are several days where the rent laws have technically expired, tenants should know that they are still protected. 

Here are some key facts about tenant rights in relation to the expiring rent laws:
    • All rent-stabilized tenants' existing leases will remain in effect.
    • Tenants in rent-controlled apartments are also protected.
    • By law, any tenant whose lease expires in the coming days should already
      have received a renewal lease. This lease will still be in effect once the tenant signs it, even if the rent laws expire tonight.
    • If your landlord attempts to contradict any of the above information, or if
      they harass or threaten you in any way, please contact my office 
      (212) 866-3970 and ask to speak with my housing specialist.
    • You can also call 311 for assistance, where an expanded team of
      housing experts is available to help you. Public Advocate Tish James has also established a special hotline: (212) 669-7250 or
The Assembly is firmly on the side of tenants. In May, we passed A7526 to strengthen 
the rent laws. I am proud to be a sponsor of that bill, as well as several other important 
bills that improve protections for tenants. To learn more about my housing bills, please 
click here. To read my most recent community newsletter, click here.
I look forward to seeing many of you back in the district once session ends. Please 
feel free to contact my community office about this or any other matter.