Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rent Laws End TODAY at Midnight! Call Gov. Cuomo to Repeal Vacancy Decontrol

Call Governor Cuomo
Cuomo: Tenants Are Watching & We Will Remember. 
CALL:  (518) 474-8390, press 3

Sample Script for Gov:  
Hello, my name is ____________ and I’m a tenant.  I’m calling to tell the Governor to strengthen the rent laws and end deregulation.  Renewing the rent laws is not enough – the Gov. must strengthen the rent laws and end deregulation. If he does not do this I will never vote for him again.”

A week ago, Gov. Cuomo called for stronger rent laws and an end to deregulation. Now he says the best he can do is renew them in their current weakened form. A straight extender of the rent laws "as is" would result in a steady loss every year of rent-protected apartments in NYC and the three suburban counties, and an ultimate end of the program. 

It is likely that this issue will not be decided by Monday.  If so, call Cuomo's office again on Tuesday.  The more calls he gets on this issue the better! Get your friends and neighbors to call!

Come to a picket outside Cuomo’s NYC office MONDAY 4:30 PM
4:3633 Third Avenue (between 40th & 41st Streets, Manhattan)