Monday, May 23, 2016

What a terrific Pot Luck!!

We ate, we danced, we ate, we listened to Congressman Jerry Nadler and Council Member Mark Levine, we sang, we ate some more, we laughed with neighbors, and we ate!

The Pot Luck Planners:
Photo by Sue Susman
Lydia Pitsirilos for the decorations and 
       Maxine Soares, Tish Howard and Lydia Pitsirilos for organizing the food and keeping things running, and
Bobby Moorhead, our local DJ, for the music
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Additional Set-up/keep-it-running crew
Denis Hayward
Tish Howard
Letty Orellano
Claude Saucier
Robin Smalls
Vernon Smith

The Kids’ Area
Na’ava Ades

The greeters :
Maria Acevedo
Donna Brown
Joan Browne
Helen Merber
“Bones” Rodriguez

Clean-up Crew
Bleu Lanza
Brenda Marshall
Eve Posen
Lydia Pitsirilos
Wyona Purcell
Maxine Soares
Robin Smalls

Sue Susman, guitar
Mayuri, mike-holder

Food and Drink
Maria and Tom Acevedo: Bruschetta
Suiden Almanzar: Rice and beans
Laurie Barton: Marinated chicken breast with rice, Fish with rice
Nicole Barton: Garden kale salad
Chariss Boisseau: Macaroni and cheese
Joan Browne: iced tea, punch
Jurency de Andrade: Brazilian empanada
Rosa Delgado: Cranberry juice, diet soda 
Gabrielle Everett: Sautéed cabbage
May and Melanie Eversley: Macaroni salad
Bonnie Fine: Iced tea
Paul Fisher: Sheet cake
Alan Fox: Pies
Sheila Friedling: Tossed green salad
Debbie and Sal Gonzalez: Grilled vegetables
Zena and Louis Gonzalez: Rice and chorizo
Linda Greenman: Donut holes
Denis Hayward and Wini Villanueva: Burritos
Miranda and Jill Hodge: Chocolate chip cookies
Tish Howard: Baked Ziti
Florence Jackson and Jerry Pirog: Mushroom and poblano pepper frittata; Black bean and corn salad
Pat Jordan: Chicken tenders, Haricots verts
Shaun Khan: Odds & ends
Laura Koulish: Ravioli
Ena Malone: Meatloaf and gravy
Eva-Marie Malone: Flavored water, seltzer, diet soda
Brenda Marshall: Key lime mousse cake
Maritza Martinez: Spanish-style spaghetti
Mercedes McDonald: Flan
Alex Melendez: Arroz con gandules (pigeon pea   s & rice)
      Marlene Melton: Marlene’s special punch
      Rhonda Mills: Cole slaw
      Kathie Murray: Turkey Chili
      Adelaida Navarro: Potato salad
      Pat Neely and Allegra Neely-Wilson: Brownies
      Letty Orellano: Black bean rice
      Lydia Pitsirilos: Honey mustard baked chicken, Potato salad
Geetha Ramakrishnan: Chickpeas and potatoes
Sekhar Ramakrishnan: String beans with coconut; okra
Luz Rivera: Pastelitos 
Virginia Santiago: Flan
Maxine Soares: Jerked chicken
Traci Swain: Strawberry lemonade, regular lemonade, apple juice, iced tea, soda
Daniella Tozzi: Italian cakes
Laura Valpey and Bones Rodriguez: Tomato basil salad
Bonnie von Dohren: Stuffed eggs
Cary Webb: Trifle
Beatriz Zapata: Pasta salad